This year Liebherr have added two new mixing plants – the Compactmix 1.0 and Easymix 1.0 – to their extensive range of concrete batching systems. The former, which made its UK debut at Hillhead 2007, is a small mobile plant featuring the most up-to-date and space-saving design, with a maximum set concrete output of 60m3/h.

The system is equipped with the tried-and-tested 1m3 Liebherr RIM 1.0 ring-pan mixer, available with either a mechanical or hydraulic ‘whirler’ system, and benefits from a flexible 180° truckmixer approach angle to the discharge chute, which allows the system to be erected in a relatively small area.

The Compactmix 1.0 is quick and simple to install, say Liebherr, with easily demountable sub-assemblies and an optional steel anchoring system. Most of the plant’s steel parts are zinc-coated, which helps prolong its working life.

A Liebherr spokesman said: ‘The mixer is suitable when there is a need for high-quality concrete specification or if additives and colouring agents are part of the mix. This is why the Compactmix 1.0 is ideally suited to the prefabricated concrete industry.’

The plant can be combined with in-line, pocket or star silos. The in-line silos are available in various sizes and configurations with storage volumes between 70m3 and 300m3.  

As with all other Liebherr concrete mixers, the Compactmix 1.0 comes with a number of optional extras, including: additive scales, high-pressure mixer cleaning equipment, housings and winter fittings. The mixer’s lift path can also be extended so the silo is positioned lower, thereby reducing the need for ramping facilities.

Meanwhile, the Easymix 1.0 is currently the most compact model in Liebherr’s range of batching systems. Designed for minimum transport and assembly outlays, the plant offers a solution when specific operational flexibility is required in concrete production.

Liebherr have designed the Easymix 1.0 system as a 40ft container with integrated mixing facilities, silos, a water tank and a control unit. The only parts that need to be transported separately are the cement feeding components, the optional loading conveyor for the truckmixer, and the spirit level and cement scale module.

In addition, as the CSC-approved container stands on steel foundations, no additional concrete foundations are needed.

This means the plant is easy to install and inexpensive to transport from one site to another. With an output rate of 35–40m3/h, the Easymix 1.0 offers a high level of performance for a plant of its size. It features a 1m3 Liebherr RIM 1.0 ring-pan mixer that can be used with or without an agitator system.

The plant also comes with the latest Litronic BCS II control system, while funnels for bag filling and cement silos, with one or two chambers, are available as options for cement feeding.

Another technological breakthrough from Liebherr is the new grade of steel – designated LH 37 – which has been designed exclusively for use in the company’s truckmixers.

‘LH 37 is an alloy that has been formulated by a development project we undertook jointly with a leading German steelmaker,’ said the Liebherr spokesman. ‘Extensive experimental work and a series of arduous tests have yielded distinctly improved material properties that satisfy the specific requirements of today’s truckmixer drums.

‘Although the steel previously used was already of very high quality, with a working life superior to regular steel, the new LH 37 grade has been proven to increase mixer drum working life.’

Liebherr have now switched production of all their drum types to this new grade of steel and will, in future, only supply drums made from LH 37.   

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